Private experiences crafted with kids and families in mind.  Unique menus, kid and family-friendly hikes and adventures, campfire games and acitivities, star-gazing workshops, wi-fi (because, you know), and more make for an outstanding and memorable family vacation.

Luxury Expeditions

Single-Day Experiences

WHy Canyons and Chefs?

Professional Chefs, Professional Food

All of our multi-day adventures come fully equipped with high-quality tents and excellent sleeping pads rented from trusted gear outfitters.  For food, you can expect home-cooked, backcountry meals planned by a professional chef, and perfectly executed by our guides.

expert geologist guides

Our lead guides are geologists with at least a Bachelor of Science in geology from an accredited university. They are carefully chosen based upon their expertise in the area of your trip, and will ensure your every need is satisfied.

First-Class Comfort and Luxury

Our guests and employees safety is our top priority on every adventure. All guides are trained and certified in CPR and First Aid, equipped with fully outfitted first aid kits and extra water.  Most guides also have more advanced certifications.

The Goat’s Blog

4 Reasons Why Glamping is the Perfect Family Adventure

4 Reasons Why Glamping is the Perfect Family Adventure

Are you looking for a unique and exciting family adventure? Look no further than glamping in Vail, CO! Glamping, or glamorous camping, is the perfect way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing modern comforts. With its stunning natural beauty and endless...

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