Guided Day Adventures

Our guided day hiking adventures are perfect for groups on the go, families, or enyone looking for a taste of the scenery, adventure, and experiences offered by the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and the wondrous natural areas surrounding Flagstaff.  We offer some extrememy unique adventures including gem hunting with a geologist, and our award-winning Canyons and Chefs to go with our daily excurisons in Grand Canyon

Guided Day Day Adventures

Canyons and Chefs

Pairing day hiking in the Grand Canyon with a multi-course meal prepared by Sedona’s Premier Private Chef is truly a unique and incredible experience!

Arizona Gem Hunting

Hunt for spectacular and rare gemstones all over Arizona with a geologist!  Keep what you find and build your collection

Grand Canyon Day Hiking

 Choose from several of the spectacular trails in Grand Canyon to explore with our fantastic geologist/guides!

Why Go Guided?

So much of the true wilderness experience comes from being able to understand and interpret what you are seeing.  Why are those rocks red?  How did this canyon form?  What is that tree?  What cultural significance are those petroglyphs?  Our expert guides will not only keep you safe, relaxed, and intrigued, they will also be able to answer almost any question you have about the landscape you are seeing.

A trained geologist is a person who can interpret millions of years of Earth’s history simply by staring at a rock outcrop for a few minutes.  Anyone can read a book about The Grand Canyon, Zion, The Painted Desert, or Death Valley, but seeing it up close and personal is a completely different and extraordinary experience. Our guides will give you knowledge and the intimate experience of truly knowing where you came from.  ​

In addition to our geologic knowledge, our trips also give you the fundamental ability to immerse yourself in the landscape without worrying about food, water, camping arrangements, transportation, driving directions, or any logistical issues that invariably accompany adventure.  Let us handle the details, all you need to do is enjoy the ride.

Explore Further, Be Wild, See Through Time.