Canyon de Chelly: Soaring Spires and Ancient Ruins

Canyon de Chelly (pronounced da shay), located in remote northeastern Arizona on Navajo Nation, is an awe-inspiring place to say the least.  Just the trip to get here can feel epic as the sweeping vistas of the Painted Desert preface this outstanding canyon.  Located at the bottom is White House Ruin, one of the most well-preserved Anasazi ruins in the state, and Spider Rock, an impressive sandstone spire streitching 350 feet into the air.
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Canyon de Chelly Hiking Information

Distance: 1.2 miles one-way, with options for further exploration
Difficulty:  Moderate
Best Season to Hike: Year-round, summers can be very hot
Permits/Gear: Neither a permit or guide is required for the White House trail.  For all other trails in the park, a permit and guide are required.  Inquire at the Visitor Center for more information
What’s the Deal?: The White House Ruin Trail is the only trail in Canyon de Chelly that is open to hiking without being accopmanied by a Navajo Guide.  Canyon de Chelly is an important cultural and spiritual site for the Navajo and Hopi people.  Everything must be left in its place and treated with the utmost care and respect. 
The walls of Canyon de Chelly are carve into the De Chelly Sandstone, which is a coeval deposit of the Coconino Sandstone found in Grand Canyon and across Northern Arizona.  The formation is interpreted as a massive sea of wind-blown sand dunes that dominated the landscape nearly 300 million years ago in the Permian period.  
More Information:  Call our office at 602-904-2536 for information regarding guides and hiking

How to Get There:

The RECOMMENDED route to the park is from Highway 191 in Chinle then turning east on Route 7. The park entrance and Welcome Center is less than 3 miles from Highway 191.

An ALTERNATIVE route is entering the park from the east via Route 64 from Tsaile, AZ. There are 3 overlooks to stop at along Route 64 before getting to the Welcome Center.

DO NOT use Route 7 from the EAST to enter the park. This road is unpaved and unmaintained between Sawmill and the Spider Rock turnoff. Using this road may lead to being lost and stranded without cell phone signal.

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