Geologic Immersion And Awesome Camping Trips

Geologic Immersion And Awesome Camping Trips

Maybe you haven’t heard this kind of term before – and that’s okay, that’s not unusual.

Casual campers really often don’t think too much about the environment that they’re in. They may read some things on visitor center boards, or remark about some cool-looking stone structure, but some won’t have access to in-depth information about the natural world that they’re walking through.

That’s part of the reason why we put together these geological immersion tours, where we actually bring people into a greater knowledge of what they’re seeing and experiencing as they hike. It’s done in a context that offers “luxury in the outdoors” and many of our guests find this thrilling!

Journey Through Time

Geology buffs know that the study of rock and natural processes is the study of pressure over time. In a sense, rocks tell the story of the land and civilizations that have used it in their own ways.

The stories that rocks tell, though, are only accessible when you have the right kinds of knowledge about how to interpret this aspect of the natural world. You’ll hear how we’ve put together our resources and grown the ability to interpret the surrounding landscapes to be able to guide our visitors through in a more intelligent way. Our tours are chock full of real info about the history of rock structures and the lay of the land, so that when you’re done, you come away with more than just pictures (yes, we know the pictures are important, too!) 

Culinary Camping

Then you also have the other part of this experience – culinary camping, where you enjoy high-quality cuisine out in the outdoors.

Whether it’s an elevated breakfast or a magnificent supper under the stars, Canyons and Chefs has put together some amazing culinary adventures that combine hiking and camping with delicious meals!

For instance, take a look at our pop-up restaurant experience and all that we offer, from specialized lighting and screened in tables to the sunset stroll and backcountry camping option. You can also peruse some sample menus. What about a fire-grilled ribeye with herb butter and fingerling potatoes? Or scallops cooked in a cast iron pan, or trout ceviche? What about high desert tamales with braised local pork, red chili and sharp cheddar?

These are the types of sensations that await your taste buds at Canyons and Chefs. Come and see why we are the best around!


Catch Your Breath With Camping Trips

Catch Your Breath With Camping Trips

There’s nothing like the outdoors for the urban dweller. It is even more so because of COVID-19. With the many restrictions and frequent lockdowns, our living has been confined to the four walls of our homes. We have become isolated because of the need to stay safe. But, going camping remains one of the activities that provide safety if you go in small numbers. Moreover, it is a way of escaping crowded cities and towns to recharge our batteries. And, camping with the family is different from the usual family vacations.


Difference between family camping and family vacations


While going with your family on vacations or camping trips can both be recreational, there is quite a difference between the two. 


Family vacations 


The concept of vacations stems from the need to get away from your work and daily chores. Family vacations tend to be at a place that offers comfortable amenities, including room service. Even a simple vacation may include hotels with television, WiFi, hot water, and housekeeping services. So, vacationing with family in hotels or resorts tends to be expensive. 


Family camping 


Camping, by definition, is an adventure and indicates an outdoor environment that is also minimalistic. With no housekeeping services, you will at best live in sporty clothes. Most of the time will be spent in an open environment. Moreover, you will be doing things by yourself, such as erecting your gear, cooking, and cleaning. 


Camping costs less, although you will have expenses in preparing for it by purchasing the right gear. This is a one-time expense and makes it more affordable to camp as frequently as you wish. If you want both, vacation and camping, there’s glamping.




If you are looking for a combination of comfort and adventure, you may consider family glamping. You get an excellent experience when you reach a campsite and find an accommodation where you don’t have to set up things and are able to get all amenities. What’s more, glamping can be an immersive and educational experience. Instead of going to the usual camping sites, you could go to a new place each time, focused on specific interests. If you can’t take off for longer than a day or weekend, you can still enjoy glamping for a day. 


For those of us that would like to experience Nature in all its glory while also remaining comfortable, glamping is an ideal choice. We still get to leave work behind, spend quality time with our families, and experience the great outdoors, all without worrying about carrying cooking and sleeping gear.

How To Make a Hiking Trip Fun and Memorable For Your Entire Family

How To Make a Hiking Trip Fun and Memorable For Your Entire Family

Children in the United States spend less time outside than ever before. On average, the typical child will devote less than seven minutes per day to playing outside. If you are tired of watching your child retreat into an online world and want to show them the beauty of nature, then it is time to play a hiking trip for the whole family.

When planning a hiking trip for your family, the main goal you should have is to make it both fun and memorable. Failing to deliver on your promise of a good time can lead to your children refusing to go on future trips. The following are some things you need to keep in mind when trying to make your family hiking trip a success.

Avoid Making the Hike Too Strenuous

Some parents get a bit over-zealous when planning their first hiking trip with the family. The worst mistake you can make when taking your children hiking is making it too strenuous. Ideally, you want the hike in question to be on relatively smooth and easy to navigate terrain. You also need to make sure that the hike in question has some memorable features.

Hikes that feature things like large lakes, babbling brooks and waterfalls will be more memorable for your children. Before you start the hike, you need to give your kids a rundown of what they can expect and how long the trip will last. By doing this, you can avoid a never-ending array of questions about the hike and how much longer you have to go.

Leave Plenty of Time for Exploring

Children who are put into an outdoor environment they are unfamiliar with will want to explore as much of this terrain as they can. Leaving plenty of time for this exploration should be one of your main concerns. If you rush through the hike, it can frustrate your children and will take away from the enjoyment they have during this outdoor excursion.

By leaving plenty of time for exploration, you can help your children see just how magical nature can be. Be sure to bring along a camera to take pictures of your child’s hiking experience. These pictures will help you freeze these special moments in time.

Plan Ahead For Frequent Stops to Eat

Walking in nature can take a lot out of a child. The best way to replenish the energy your child loses on the hike is by stopping for food and drink. Delicious sandwiches, healthy fruits and water make for a great meal during your hike. Allowing your child to help prepare these tasty treats before the hiking trip makes them feel more involved in this process.

If you are trying to plan a wilderness adventure of a lifetime for your family, then you need to check out the luxury expeditions offered by Canyons and Chefs. With our help, you can provide your family with a camping experience they will never forget.

Why Elopement?

Why Elopement?

You’re going to see the word on our website. Elopement.

For some people, it sort of triggers a negative connotation. Why would we market ourselves that way as an excellent culinary camping tour provider?

The answer has to do with the modern wedding and how it’s conducted. It also has to do with imagining our unique trip model as a part of your new life together.

Different Wedding Scenarios

Every wedding is uniquely different, and as the bride and groom, it’s your time to decide how to proceed.

Even in older times, the quick wedding or justice of the peace situation was somewhat common. There is also the chapel in Las Vegas.

Basically, not everybody wants to have an enormous traditional wedding in their place of residence. Some people just want to get it done with, or make their wedding into a different kind of experience. That’s what we’re saying with the word ‘elopement’. It doesn’t mean that you hid from everybody and got a shotgun wedding done in secret. It just means that you doing things a bit differently, which a lot of people are choosing to do now!

New Wedding Styles

Again, the traditional wedding is a massive affair with families coming together in droves. There are a lot of people to feed and accommodate. There’s a lot of cost, and a lot of things need to come together well for the event to be a complete success. It’s stressful for some, and financially challenging for others. Sometimes, it’s both.

COVID also changed the wedding experience quite a bit. All of a sudden, fewer people were having the big get-togethers, partly because people weren’t allowed to join up in crowds maskless. Now, we’re getting over that, but some people still want those easy, small wedding experiences. Avoiding crowds is just something that some of us have gotten used to.

Honeymoons, Etc.

Even if you did have a great big awesome wedding, you can choose Canyons and Chefs for a honeymoon experience for just the two of you.

Why do so many people choose this kind of package?

The answer is in the crackling campfire, the awe-inspiring pinks and purples of a regional sunset, and the delicious wafting of cooking smells from an outdoor camp location.

By combining the outdoors and a love of food, we’ve created really unique experiences for getaways that you won’t ever forget. Check out the web site to dream and imagine what your own glamping trip can be like. We guarantee it will be memorable!

What’s For Breakfast?

What’s For Breakfast?

Camping breakfasts are some of the most fun times you’ll have on the trail.

You don’t have to go back to cowboy days to see how a traditional camping breakfast warms the heart, and the gullet. Our camping tours often have these nice spreads laid out as you get your morning cup of camping coffee, and get ready to get up and go.

What are some of the most popular components of camping breakfasts? Here are a few.

Sizzling Sausage

Sausages are one of the easiest things to cook on the trail. Unlike bacon, they don’t require quite the precision, and they get a nice golden brown over the fire. For those worried about proper cooking, there are a few options – you can precook the sausage, then warm it on the grill. You can use smaller, thinner links that cook more quickly. Or you can use a food thermometer just to check that your pork or chicken products, or whatever you’re cooking, is fully heated to a safe temperature in the middle.

Toast on the Grill

Do not by any means overlook the appealing quality of grilled toast.

We’re used to slapping two slices of bread in a toaster, but a camping fire can make even better toast. Slather some butter from your cooler, and you’re in culinary heaven.


For the kiddos or anybody who just likes something quick and easy, pour milk over cereal and enjoy. You’ll just have to make sure you have good cleaning equipment for those bowls and spoons.


Fruit is Mother Nature’s way of jazzing up your breakfast with natural foods high in antioxidants and fiber, as well as juices that can help hydrate you and your palate as you awaken. It’s also a good idea to wash your breakfast down with some refreshing cold water, because after all, this is the essential element that you need to survive.


A good roasted potato can be a great breakfast food, too! Again, you can roast these at home, wrap in foil, and then throw near the fire to get them hot and delicious.

That’s just a little about the amazing breakfast that you can put on anywhere in the great outdoors. You don’t have to seek for obscure delicacies when some of the best and brightest tastes around are right under your nose. Check out the blog for more on how we combine culinary expertise and great camping guidance for truly memorable trips.