Why a Private Chef Is a Smart Option for Busy Families

Why a Private Chef Is a Smart Option for Busy Families

Parents have a lot to do with busy schedules and never-ending lists of responsibilities. For some, it can become daunting. 

You must be a launderer, playmate, cleaner, chef, cook, storyteller, chauffeur, nurse, and more. 

You do a lot to help your family thrive, such as working and ensuring their needs are met. This can cause a lot of stress. 

A great way to alleviate some of that stress is with a private chef. Many families believe this is a luxury reserved for the rich and famous; however, that’s not the case. 

Re-Establish a Routine for Your Family

Do you remember the days when you had a routine with your kids? Bath, dinner, story, and bed? 

You can get that back by hiring a private chef to take one thing off your plate in the evening. Sometimes, a private chef will even do the shopping for you, which helps you free up even more time. 

Remember, your family can thrive when there is a routine in place. With a private chef, it is possible to establish this routine and enjoy time together once again. 

Get a More Relaxed Home

After the pandemic, many people continued to work at home. While this offered some benefits, it also invited in external stressors. 

Because of this, your home may no longer feel like your “safe haven,” where you can reconnect, decompress, and rest. With a private chef, you can have more time and space to rest, play, and connect while enjoying a meal together. All this is possible without worrying about planning, prepping, preparing, or cleaning up the meal. 

Get More Together Time and Private Time

Did you know that American mothers spend, on average, about one hour a day preparing and serving meals to their families? The numbers are much higher if you add shopping, organizing, and cleaning to the list. 

It doesn’t matter if you are cooking for two or 12; feeding any size family takes time and effort. Hiring a private chef allows you to pass on this responsibility. Remember, your time is valuable, and there is no reason to give up important things like story time to prepare a meal for your family. 

When you invest in private chef services, you can remove the question of “what’s for dinner” for good. This is a dilemma that almost every family deals with nearly daily. You can even request something special for date night or spending time with your significant other. 

Get the Nutrition You and Your Family Need

A private chef knows food and nutrition. They can help ensure your family gets their necessary healthy and nutritious meals. This is all done without you having to worry about things like ingredients, food prep, or anything else that goes into making a meal. 

Does Hiring a Private Chef Make Sense for Your Family?

As you can see, there are more than a few reasons that you should consider hiring a private chef for your family. They bring a lot to the table, and these are benefits that everyone in your family can enjoy.

4 Ways a Private Chef Can Change Your Life

4 Ways a Private Chef Can Change Your Life

The task of cooking a special meal can eventually become stressful and overwhelming, especially if you really want to impress other people. One helpful way for you to erase the dilemmas of cooking is to hire a private chef that could make your life easier. 


This is an idea that you may not have thought of but it can certainly work to your advantage. So, why should you invest in a professional to prepare your meals? This article explores four powerful ways a private chef can change your life.


Custom Meals


One common reason that you might dread preparing a meal is that it’s not unique. When you’re sick and tired of preparing the same meals, you have the convenience to choose a private chef. An experienced chef has a vast knowledge of so many awesome recipes that you would love to experience. They also have extensive culinary skills to prepare all types of meals. Ordering custom meals from a private chef is a practical option that you can consider if you’re bored with your own recipes. There’s nothing more exciting than hiring a private chef to spice up your palate with new dishes.


Fresh Ingredients


Eating junk or processed foods is a common habit for so many people around the world. Junk foods are addictive, delicious, and quick to prepare. However, they are also extremely unhealthy. If you have the habit of consuming unhealthy foods, you must consider the alternative of choosing healthy meals prepared from fresh ingredients. Instead of ordering junk foods from your nearest restaurant, you can develop a healthier habit of having better meals prepared by a private chef. Incorporating a new lifestyle of eating quality foods is an excellent way for you to consume nutritious meals that you will enjoy.


Outdoor Dinner Parties


Are you thinking about planning an outdoor dinner party for the upcoming holidays? You need the best foods for your special gathering and you must also ensure that they are properly prepared for your guests. In addition to hosting a dinner party, the last thing you need is to be too stressed from preparing your dishes. In this situation, a private chef can come to your rescue, relieving you from doing all the tough work and helping you to save time. 


You don’t have to worry about shopping around in different stores for the right foods and finding the time to cook them. By relying on a professional chef, you can serve high-quality food to your guests and have more fun entertaining them.


More Freedom


Hiring a private chef allows you to have more personal time to yourself. If you have a busy schedule, you can easily feel inundated with all your cooking tasks. All you have to do is to specify your needs to your private chef to get the perfect dishes that you desire.


Key Takeaway


A private chef can improve your life in so many beneficial ways. All you have to do is to contact the best professionals from your area to provide you with the best culinary services that you deserve. 

Why a Private Chef Is a Smart Option for Busy Families

The Private Chef – And Other Gourmet Options

Let’s talk about what’s going on right now at Canyons and Chefs.


As the fall season comes on, we are busy designing and executing complex menus for on-site events around the Flagstaff area and beyond. 


The private chef service gives you that top class culinary experience and catered result that you want for a high-class gathering. That’s something we’re excited about – and many of our clients are, too. 


Types of Events


Canyons and Chefs has been on the ground recently at wedding rehearsals, and receptions, as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties. We’ve been noted at bar and bat mitzvahs, and catered dinner parties for the very successful jetsetters living in or visiting Flag or surrounding areas. 


Through it all, guests have been amazed by our multi-course offerings that feature ingredients carefully chosen for their sustainability, for their taste, and, of course – for their quality! The creative plating elevates everything another few notches – it’s something you have to taste to believe. 


Family-Style or Plated Options


The family-style private chef option is a 4-5 course meal with a price tag starting at $125 per guest. A plated five course meal starts at $200 per guest, and there’s also the option to select a plated service with craft cocktails and wine pairings.


Look for more by contacting Canyons and Chefs and requesting a reservation for your group on the particular day of your event.


New Gourmet Ice Cream


While you’re on the website check out our line of gourmet ice cream that represents different landmarks and terrain around the Flagstaff area with unique natural ingredients.


Try the Sedona Red Rocks, with its cherry blend or the cactus lavender and almond combination of the Death Valley Oasis! Our Colorado Sun flavor blends peaches and sweet cream vanilla custard with a small batch bourbon caramel for a taste experience you will not forget…


So whether it’s a full private chef service, or a sweet reminder of what gourmet food can be like, we’re there. 


In prior blog posts, you’ll see a lot about our glamorous camping adventure experiences. We’re now building on that with a lot of new services and expanding our presence in the Flagstaff AZ area. We’re getting well-known in local food magazines and other places where people need to discuss high cuisine. Our ice cream line is one example of innovations that are going to make us more of a household name in the gourmet community.


So be sure to read up on everything that we’ve been doing, and what we want to do in the future. We’re here to provide top tier service to clientele around Arizona, Colorado, etc., and we’re here to stay. It’s all part of our passion for food and adventure that keeps us going, offering more to local clients. 


An Enjoyable Evening with Friends: Benefits of Hiring a Personal Chef

An Enjoyable Evening with Friends: Benefits of Hiring a Personal Chef

Maintaining friendships is important if you want to stay happy and positive. Feeling isolated and alone is something no one wants to deal with. Instead of allowing your friendships to dissipate as time goes by, find ways to strengthen them. 

Over 71 percent of Americans claim they want to spend more time with their friends and family members. If you are looking for a unique way to spend an enjoyable evening with friends, then hiring a personal chef is a good idea. In this article, we will explore the benefits associated with hiring a personal chef. 

The Convenience Factor

Hosting a dinner party for your friends can be a stressful ordeal. If you’re up all night cooking, you will be unable to carry on meaningful conversations with your dinner guests. Rather than inconveniencing yourself and losing out on quality time with friends, you need to leave the cooking to the professionals. 

A personal chef will arrive with a customized menu and food in hand. The food will be prepared by the chef and served to you and your friends. Being able to dine on fine cuisine in the privacy of your home is extremely convenient. 

Once the personal chef has finished cooking and serving a gourmet meal, they will handle the work involved in cleaning up. This means you can sit around the table reminiscing with your friends for hours without lifting a finger.

A Meal Customized To Fit Your Needs

Has it been a while since you’ve enjoyed a great meal with the people you love? If so, it is time to take action. One of the best parts about hiring a personal chef is the ability you’ll have to customize the menu. As you start the process of looking at the menu offered by the personal chef, be sure to reach out to your friends for some feedback. 

With the feedback of your friends, you can design a customized menu that everyone is sure to enjoy. If you hire the personal chefs at Canyons and Chiefs, you can enjoy our new gourmet frozen custards for dessert. These desserts are incredibly unique and delicious. Each of the frozen custard flavors we offer is inspected by the places our chefs have visited in the past. 

Save Time and Money

Going out for luxuries with friends can get expensive. Not only will you have to pay for your meal, but you also need to arrange transportation and get a babysitter. If you want to control the cost of a night out with friends, consider hiring a personal chef. 

With the help of a personal chef, you can get a first-class meal for a reasonable price. You will also be able to save time by hiring a personal chef because you won’t have to cook the food in question. Once you get a taste of the personal chef experience, you will realize what a great investment this is. 

If you are looking for a great way to spend an evening with friends, it is time to hire a personal chef. 

No Two Days The Same – Using Each Of Your Senses

No Two Days The Same – Using Each Of Your Senses

One of our best people recently talked about our process as a nexus point in the universe – a place where experience matters, and where we make the most of each of our five senses for a new kind of culinary journey through the natural world.

We’ve talked about glamping and what that means – how to juxtapose the rugged outdoors with the glamor of high-design cuisine.

But another way to think about this is that we blend together sensory experiences in a way that’s pretty unique – that you’re not likely to see elsewhere.

Nature and Your Sense of Sight

In many ways, natural landscaping and panoramas appeal to our sense of sight. They do include our sense of smell and touch as well – for instance, the scent of honeysuckle or jasmine wafting on a cool breeze

But in terms of the geology and the scenery, this stimulates your sight the most. And such sights they are! Part of  our itinerary involves combining our food with the best views, not just some views, but specific ones picked out to give you a real visual “taste” of what the area has to offer. 

Good Food and Your Senses of Smell and Taste

As we plate up the food, we think about how your sense of smell contributes to the overall experience.

Taste, too, obviously, later, as you enjoy a dish. So both of the senses get their day in the sun as you enjoy a gourmet meal outdoors! Just the smell of a nice wood fire is great on its own, but then you get the scent of a well-cooked meal, too…

Music and Your Sense of Sound

Then let’s have some attention to the sense of sound, too. Of course, natural outdoor areas have their own sounds to enjoy. But when we add live musical entertainment, part of it is just for contrast – where you can hear the difference between performance and natural organic outdoor sounds!

All of this allows you to get more out of your picnic or other glamping experience. Take a look back through the site to get more familiar with what we offer and all of the amenities you can expect from one of our glamping events. We’re happy to see you get involved with this kind of journey that you really won’t find elsewhere! At Canyons and Chefs, this is our calling – this is our specialty