The Top Reasons to Start Planning Your Winter Glamping Trip Today

If you are like many people, you may believe the best time to visit your favorite outdoor destination is during warmer weather. However, if you have never experienced a national park, campground, or another outdoor destination in the winter, you may be missing out. 

During the winter months, you can experience and see so many things summer visitors miss out on. Also, winter is the perfect time to go glamping rather than camping. This added luxury provided by glamping makes your winter outdoor excursion even more enjoyable. 

However, keep reading if you aren’t convinced this is the right experience for you and your family. Here you can learn more about all the exciting benefits glamping offers. 

Avoid the Winter Blues 

The winter blues are real. Many people feel depressed and less energetic during January’s long and dark days. 

The combination of coming down from the holiday high to getting back to your regular (often boring) routine can cause cases of mild depression. 

Taking some time to get out of the house and away from the normal may be just what you need. A glamping excursion provides you with the opportunity to do this.

Enjoy a New Look at a Familiar Site 

Popular camping spots, such as Yosemite, are completely transformed in the winter. The bare trees reveal what is nearby, and the entire area is “opened up,” bringing new surprises and sights that you never experienced before. 

Winter also means seeing different plants and animals at the site and viewing their seasonal behaviors. 

Minimal Crowds

Many people avoid traveling during the winter months. They do this believing there isn’t as much to do or see. However, if you want to visit the Florida beaches without the crowds, then winter is the perfect time to plan your trip. Even better, Florida doesn’t have extremely cold temperatures, which means you can enjoy time outdoors even in the winter. 

Reduced Rates 

If you travel and opt to go glamping in the winter, you will likely save money. That’s because campgrounds and other locations have fewer guests, which means they offer the space at a lower rate. 

However, that’s not all you can save on. Activities in popular tourist destinations, such as recreational facilities, museums, and more, may provide lower winter rates. Because of this, it’s often easy to secure a great deal. 

Plenty of Recreational Activities 

During the winter, you have the chance to participate in activities that aren’t available in the summer months. Things like cross-country skiing, ice skating, ice fishing, and snowshoeing are just a few examples. 

You can also participate in year-round activities, such as hiking, horseback riding, and natural hot springs. 

Are You Ready to Plan Your Winter Glamping Trip?

As you can see, glamping in the winter months has more than a few things to offer. Be sure to keep the information here in mind, which will help ensure you have a great experience and enjoy all the winter months have to offer.

Catch Your Breath With Camping Trips

Catch Your Breath With Camping Trips

There’s nothing like the outdoors for the urban dweller. It is even more so because of COVID-19. With the many restrictions and frequent lockdowns, our living has been confined to the four walls of our homes. We have become isolated because of the need to stay safe. But, going camping remains one of the activities that provide safety if you go in small numbers. Moreover, it is a way of escaping crowded cities and towns to recharge our batteries. And, camping with the family is different from the usual family vacations.


Difference between family camping and family vacations


While going with your family on vacations or camping trips can both be recreational, there is quite a difference between the two. 


Family vacations 


The concept of vacations stems from the need to get away from your work and daily chores. Family vacations tend to be at a place that offers comfortable amenities, including room service. Even a simple vacation may include hotels with television, WiFi, hot water, and housekeeping services. So, vacationing with family in hotels or resorts tends to be expensive. 


Family camping 


Camping, by definition, is an adventure and indicates an outdoor environment that is also minimalistic. With no housekeeping services, you will at best live in sporty clothes. Most of the time will be spent in an open environment. Moreover, you will be doing things by yourself, such as erecting your gear, cooking, and cleaning. 


Camping costs less, although you will have expenses in preparing for it by purchasing the right gear. This is a one-time expense and makes it more affordable to camp as frequently as you wish. If you want both, vacation and camping, there’s glamping.




If you are looking for a combination of comfort and adventure, you may consider family glamping. You get an excellent experience when you reach a campsite and find an accommodation where you don’t have to set up things and are able to get all amenities. What’s more, glamping can be an immersive and educational experience. Instead of going to the usual camping sites, you could go to a new place each time, focused on specific interests. If you can’t take off for longer than a day or weekend, you can still enjoy glamping for a day. 


For those of us that would like to experience Nature in all its glory while also remaining comfortable, glamping is an ideal choice. We still get to leave work behind, spend quality time with our families, and experience the great outdoors, all without worrying about carrying cooking and sleeping gear.

Great Tips Designed to Help Couples Have a Great Camping Experience

Great Tips Designed to Help Couples Have a Great Camping Experience

Keeping your relationship healthy and strong is far from easy. As you and your partner age, you will have to pursue separate interests to maintain your sanity. On average, couples spend around two hours a day with each other. Ideally, you want to share the interests you have with your soulmate to make your relationship healthier. If you have recently unlocked your love for the outdoors and want to take your partner camping, you need to plan out this experience in detail. 

Your main goal should be to provide your partner with a great camping experience. If they have a good time camping with you on the first go-around, they should have no problem going back in the future. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when trying to have a great camping experience with your significant other. 

Try Glamping First

The type of camping trip you plan for you and your soulmate will depend solely on their love of the outdoors. There are a number of people who simply don’t like “roughing it” outdoors. If your partner is one of these people, you have to find a way to make the camping experience more luxurious and comfortable. Glamping is a term used to describe the marriage of glamour and camping. 

Taking your love on a glamping trip will allow you to show them the joys of nature while staying in five-star accommodations. The team at Canyons and Chefs offers private chef glamping experiences that are one of a kind. Once you and your partner experience one of these trips, you will never want to camp any other way again. 

Go on Short Trips In The Beginning

If your partner has never been camping, then taking them on a week-long trip is a bad idea. Having unrealistic expectations for your first camping trip with your partner can lead to fights and lots of unwanted stress. This is why you need to get your soulmate comfortable with camping by starting small. Instead of going on a week-long camping trip, take your partner on an overnight excursion. 

With these shorter trips, you can avoid overwhelming your significant other. As you start to plan your first couples camping trip, be sure to ask your partner for input. 

Prepare For Meal Time

Some people think that camping involves depriving themselves of good food. In reality, there are a number of modern tools that make cooking in the wild easier than ever. Rather than leaving meal time on a camping trip to chance, you have to figure out your menu ahead of time. By doing this, you can get ingredients together and make plans to make each meal under the stars with your love. If you want to make eating on your camping trip easier, then hiring professionals to cater is a wise move. 

Do you want to plan the glamping trip of a lifetime? If so, check out the glamping experiences we have to offer. 

How to Make the Leap from Camping to Glamping

How to Make the Leap from Camping to Glamping

When it comes to buzz words, one that has emerged in the outdoor industry is “glamping.” Unlike camping, which is all about being one with nature and staying as minimal as possible, glamping is a way to enjoy a posh, luxurious experience, unlike anything you have ever experienced before. While glamping can be extravagant, it can also be simple, based on your preferences.

Glamping Defined

The word glamping was created by mashing “glamour” and “camping” together. Just like camping exists on a spectrum, glamping does too. You can find extremely luxurious options that rival five-star hotel rooms but in nature.

On the other end of the spectrum, which is where most glampers can be found, is when a person’s existing camping experience is upgraded so that rather than feeling like you are in the woods, you feel more like you are in the comfort of your home. With this glamping style, you can introduce someone new to camping to the great outdoors without throwing them into the trenches right away.

Camping vs. Glamping

The main factor that differentiates camping from glamping is how comfortable you are. With glamping, it can be said that you are semi-roughing it. However, there are no set rules with glamping.

Many campgrounds offer glamping sites now and, in some areas, the owner or staff even set up your campsite and provide certain luxuries. This includes things like a room in the tent for a closet to unpack your clothes or a spa-like private shower. However, just remember that each glamping experience is unique, so asking about the amenities and luxuries is a good idea to know what to expect.

If you plan your own glamping experience, you can add things like a larger tent, gourmet food, and cookware, or a better mattress. Adding stylish decorative touches is also part of the fun of glamping. For example, a string of LED twinkle lights and an elegant cocoon chair can turn your average campsite into a glamper’s dream.

There are a few tips that can help those who want to create their own glamping experience. Some of the top things to do to create your glamping campsite include:

  • Bring along cozy bedding
  • Take a source of entertainment
  • Set up special stations (i.e., drinks, food, etc.)
  • Cook gourmet meals
  • Create a comfortable living area
  • Add light to the glampsite
  • Add a few touches of home

Are You Ready for Your First Glamping Experience?

Are you ready to enjoy your first glamping experience? This may seem like a stretch for avid campers, but many have found they are hooked to this more glamorous camping style once they try it. However, for those new to camping or who are hesitant to stay all night outside, this is a great way to ease into it. Keep in mind that with glamping, you can customize the experience to your needs and preferences. You can also book a glamping experience at a park or campsite. Due to the popularity of this style of camping, more locations than ever before offer glamping experiences.

Three Very Important “Glamping” Outdoor Cooking Skills

Three Very Important “Glamping” Outdoor Cooking Skills

Say you’re out there under the stars or the desert sun, in those beautiful landscapes and vistas that we have all across this country, and you’re looking to enjoy some excellent food on your trip. How do you make this work well?


The idea of culinary camping has become really popular these days. People like the idea of combining food, a comfort activity, with the outdoors, which provides its own therapeutic experience. In fact, many of us would even say that food tastes better outside.


Here are three core skills that we promote as we help newcomers to experience the beauty of outdoor cooking.


Handling Propane


Much of the outdoor cooking that gets done is done over a gas flame.


Yes, if you are a seasoned camper, you may want to do things the old-fashioned way and cook over a fire, but especially for more sophisticated menus, or a greater number of diners, a small propane stove or similar piece of gear is the way to go. Small propane stoves can fit in a backpack easily, and portable propane containers can, too.


The essential skill here is to know how to use propane safely – how to fit the stoves together, how to look for escaping gas, and how to fine-tune your heat flame. Like other outdoor cooking skills, this is something you learn by experience and trial and error. But you also learn by reading about the safety aspects and knowing these when you start out! Don’t just wing it with gas – because that can be dangerous. Safety first!


Knife Skills


As experienced chefs know, knife skills are essential in any kitchen, but they’re extremely important in outdoor cooking.


One reason is that the ergonomics of camping food prep are different from what you experience in a traditional kitchen. You might not have that butcher block or that counter-level cutting board to work on. So it’s important that you adjust your knife skills accordingly, and don’t wind up cutting yourself and going on a white-knuckle trip to the ER.


Protecting Your Gear


This is a broader kind of skill that, again, you learn as you go. You want to protect your good cast iron or other skillets from charring, and keep all of your portable stuff in good condition, whether that means preventing rust and corrosion or breakage.


These are just some of the fundamental skills that we promote as we help provide camping/cooking trips in the beautiful, wild and wonderful Death Valley, UT area. This business is taking off! Ask us about scheduling and more. 


Top 5 Reasons to Go Glamping

Top 5 Reasons to Go Glamping

As summer comes close to an end, you may be looking to take one more vacation before the colder weather starts. How does camping with all the luxury of home sound? If you are wanting to get away from it all, without getting away from it all completely, glamping may be just the thing for you. Glamourous camping, most popularly known as glamping, involves traditional camping with all the comforts of home.  Here are a few other benefits of glamping to keep in mind:

       1. You take home with you

Glamping means you are camping without the challenges of regular camping. It means no more sleeping in a tent that has no room. No more sleeping on the ground. No more awkward bathroom trips. With glamping, you can camp in a real bed so you can get a good night’s sleep. You also get way more space with all the everyday conveniences (such as outlets) on hand. 

       2. Beautiful locations

If you have resisted the idea of camping because you prefer the luxury of a hotel, you may love the idea of glamping. Why? You get to experience the outdoors in a way that a hotel can never give you. You will be steps from a private beach or mountain range overlooking a scenic view. You will be immersed in nature in a way you would never get with a hotel. 

       3. You won’t break the bank

Although it sounds like it can be more expensive, glamping is much less costly than staying at a resort or hotel. There are way more overhead costs with a resort, but with glamping, you are more likely to support the local community. Also, with glamping, you will want to stay longer. Thanks to the comforts of home, you won’t have to worry about undercooked food, cold showers, and smelly bathrooms. 

       4. You reduce your ecological footprint

Glamping gives you a new appreciation for nature. Large resorts are difficult to build and often destroy surrounding land in their construction phase. When it comes to glamping, it can happen anywhere. It also has minimal constructions and requires fewer resources. It leaves a smaller footprint because the cabins, tents, yurts, and huts don’t have as much assembly. 

5.  You take something great, and make it even better

The outdoors are great, camping is a fantastic activity.  But sometimes, you just want to chill, and real camping can be quite a lot of work, especially if you don’t have it down to a science.

What better way to vacation this summer than by glamping in the outdoors. You get to immerse yourself in the nature around you without having to rough it. Contact Canyons and Chefs for our chef-driven luxury expeditions.