No Two Days The Same – Using Each Of Your Senses

No Two Days The Same – Using Each Of Your Senses

One of our best people recently talked about our process as a nexus point in the universe – a place where experience matters, and where we make the most of each of our five senses for a new kind of culinary journey through the natural world.

We’ve talked about glamping and what that means – how to juxtapose the rugged outdoors with the glamor of high-design cuisine.

But another way to think about this is that we blend together sensory experiences in a way that’s pretty unique – that you’re not likely to see elsewhere.

Nature and Your Sense of Sight

In many ways, natural landscaping and panoramas appeal to our sense of sight. They do include our sense of smell and touch as well – for instance, the scent of honeysuckle or jasmine wafting on a cool breeze

But in terms of the geology and the scenery, this stimulates your sight the most. And such sights they are! Part of  our itinerary involves combining our food with the best views, not just some views, but specific ones picked out to give you a real visual “taste” of what the area has to offer. 

Good Food and Your Senses of Smell and Taste

As we plate up the food, we think about how your sense of smell contributes to the overall experience.

Taste, too, obviously, later, as you enjoy a dish. So both of the senses get their day in the sun as you enjoy a gourmet meal outdoors! Just the smell of a nice wood fire is great on its own, but then you get the scent of a well-cooked meal, too…

Music and Your Sense of Sound

Then let’s have some attention to the sense of sound, too. Of course, natural outdoor areas have their own sounds to enjoy. But when we add live musical entertainment, part of it is just for contrast – where you can hear the difference between performance and natural organic outdoor sounds!

All of this allows you to get more out of your picnic or other glamping experience. Take a look back through the site to get more familiar with what we offer and all of the amenities you can expect from one of our glamping events. We’re happy to see you get involved with this kind of journey that you really won’t find elsewhere! At Canyons and Chefs, this is our calling – this is our specialty


Take Your Wild West Vacation To The Next Level

Take Your Wild West Vacation To The Next Level

If you’ve been daydreaming about your next vacation in America’s Wild West, there’s no better time than the present to turn your dreams into reality. People often fail to plan for an adventure into the canyonlands of the western states as it is challenging to narrow down what to see and do when there is so much worth doing and seeing.

Backpacking may seem too intense, and the idea of roughing it camping under the stars may not be your cup of tea. Not only must you plan how to visit remote areas of rugged terrain best, but also choose accommodations and prepare meals. Whether traveling out west as a family, in a group of friends, or on a romantic getaway with your partner, planning the ultimate vacation can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, we have become pretty much experts on how to experience the majesty and solitude of the canyons of America’s frontier without all of the hassle and inconvenience of lugging a camping store along with you. We can help you take your wild west adventure to the next level with three words: luxury backpacking trips.

Luxury & Backpacking: A Match Made In The Canyons

While backpacking usually brings to mind carrying an abundance of outdoor items strapped to your back as you shlep through the wilderness, luxury backpacking is an entirely different concept. Imagine having the benefits of a canyon backpacking adventure with all of your main gear portered for you without worrying about setting up camp.

With luxury backpacking trips, you have access to the great outdoors and the conveniences of private bathrooms, wi-fi, comfy cots, sleeping bags, and world-class five-star chef-prepared meals.

Luxury Backpacking Makes Your Experience Even Greater

When you book a luxury backpacking trip, you gain a bespoke adventure in the canyons catered to your specific desires. Highly trained guides and renowned chefs create a western experience unlike anything you could imagine, pairing outstanding meals with breathtaking scenery for you and your guests. Whether you are an avid backpacker looking for an upgraded experience or a backpacking novice, luxury backpacking trips are designed to transport you to a higher vantage point.

Your American West Journey

Stop daydreaming about canyons and book a luxury backpacking adventure where you will make lifelong memories in the American West. You’ll be so spoiled you may never want to backpack any other way again!