As the summer heat wanes and the leaves start to fall, the vast expanse of Death Valley reveals a different facet of its beauty. Imagine setting out on a luxurious backpacking adventure in the heart of this natural wonder, with crisp, comfortable weather as your companion.

Fall brings with it cooler temperatures and less crowded trails, making it an ideal time to explore the breathtaking landscapes of Death Valley.

Our guided tours are designed with luxury in mind. This ensures that you get the most out of your backpacking experience. And with the added touch of our gourmet outdoor meals, expertly prepared by our chef, your journey through Death Valley will be extraordinary.

Here are some reasons why fall is a great time to go on our Death Valley backpacking tours.

The Starry Nights

In the fall, the skies over Death Valley come alive with countless twinkling stars, inviting you for an amazing stargazing experience. The clear, crisp nights offer uninterrupted views of the cosmos.

As you lay back in your state-of-the-art goose-down sleeping bag, you’ll find comfort, warmth, and an unparalleled view of the night sky. The experience is pure magic, taking the luxury of our Death Valley backpacking tours to a new level.

Outdoor Comfort

One of the best parts about our Death Valley backpacking tours is the comfort you’ll experience. We provide raised Helinox cots for sleeping – they’re like your bed at home but in the great outdoors. These cots are set off the ground, giving you a comfortable, clean, and cozy place to rest after a day of exploration.

Plus, the crisp fall air makes snuggling into your cot an absolute delight. Whether watching the stars at night or waking up to the first light of dawn, you will have an extraordinary outdoor experience on our Death Valley backpacking tours.

Gourmet Dining in Nature

Experience the joy of dining under the open skies with our luxury backpacking tours. Fall is a special time, offering an abundance of fresh, seasonal ingredients that our chef uses to create five-star cuisine.

Picture yourself savoring a gourmet meal designed with the season’s best produce right in the heart of Death Valley. Each dish is expertly paired with a fine drink, enhancing the flavor and dining experience.

These aren’t your typical campfire meals – they’re culinary masterpieces designed to delight your taste buds after a day of adventure.

Enjoy Moderate Temperatures

Fall in Death Valley is a breath of fresh air after a long, hot summer. Gone are the scorching temperatures; in their place, you’ll find a much more comfortable climate for exploring the great outdoors. The reduced heat makes it easier to trek through the stunning landscapes and truly enjoy the beauty around you.

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