Children in the United States spend less time outside than ever before. On average, the typical child will devote less than seven minutes per day to playing outside. If you are tired of watching your child retreat into an online world and want to show them the beauty of nature, then it is time to play a hiking trip for the whole family.

When planning a hiking trip for your family, the main goal you should have is to make it both fun and memorable. Failing to deliver on your promise of a good time can lead to your children refusing to go on future trips. The following are some things you need to keep in mind when trying to make your family hiking trip a success.

Avoid Making the Hike Too Strenuous

Some parents get a bit over-zealous when planning their first hiking trip with the family. The worst mistake you can make when taking your children hiking is making it too strenuous. Ideally, you want the hike in question to be on relatively smooth and easy to navigate terrain. You also need to make sure that the hike in question has some memorable features.

Hikes that feature things like large lakes, babbling brooks and waterfalls will be more memorable for your children. Before you start the hike, you need to give your kids a rundown of what they can expect and how long the trip will last. By doing this, you can avoid a never-ending array of questions about the hike and how much longer you have to go.

Leave Plenty of Time for Exploring

Children who are put into an outdoor environment they are unfamiliar with will want to explore as much of this terrain as they can. Leaving plenty of time for this exploration should be one of your main concerns. If you rush through the hike, it can frustrate your children and will take away from the enjoyment they have during this outdoor excursion.

By leaving plenty of time for exploration, you can help your children see just how magical nature can be. Be sure to bring along a camera to take pictures of your child’s hiking experience. These pictures will help you freeze these special moments in time.

Plan Ahead For Frequent Stops to Eat

Walking in nature can take a lot out of a child. The best way to replenish the energy your child loses on the hike is by stopping for food and drink. Delicious sandwiches, healthy fruits and water make for a great meal during your hike. Allowing your child to help prepare these tasty treats before the hiking trip makes them feel more involved in this process.

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