Blue Marble’s Fitness Crash Course Part 1:  Setting Goals and Committing

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Getting in shape is not easy.  It takes commitment, focus, and above all, a goal.  When was the last time you just started exercising for no particular reason?  Did you follow through with the plan?  Likely not.  You are not alone my friends.  Training with no goal is like going to school without the prospect of graduating.  Where does it start?  Where does it end?  How do you motivate yourself everyday without some kind of light at the end of the tunnel?

Whether it’s finishing an Ironman Triathlon or simply making it up the hill down the street, a goal set and achieved not only gives a sense of personal pride when it’s accomplished, but also gives you something very specific to work toward, which helps dial in your training regimen.

So, before you do anything else, figure out what it is you want to accomplish.  Hike rim to rim at the Grand Canyon?  Summit a 14,000ft peak?  Do a multi-mile dayhike in Sedona?  All of these are excellent goals, and all of them require different fitness levels and training regimens.  In Part 1 of this series, we will discuss setting a goal and laying the groundwork that will launch you into feeling good, and above all feeling like you can actually get where you want to go.


The number one reason that people burn out in the early stages of any fitness program is that they start off balls-to-the-wall.  Going to the gym and maxing out for two hours on day one accomplishes nothing but soreness, fatigue, and even injury.  These consequences are not only detrimental to your body, but your emotional and mental investment in your plan will deteriorate quickly and you will fail.  Start with much less than you think you can handle in the first two weeks, and move forward from there.  You will gain confidence, avoid injury,  and lay the groundwork for the next few months of real training.

In addition, your diet plays an important role in your workout regimen and overall health.  It is extremely important to fill your calorie quota and, above all, stay hydrated.  Eating multiple small meals per day packed with lean meat protein, nuts, greens, and fruits will keep your body fueled and ramp up your metabolism, which will burn that pesky fat and quickly help you to get in top condition (And don’t forget to reward yourself with something (a cookie, piece of cake, etc.) daily, you earned it!).  Unfortunately, this is where many more health plans fail: people equate diet and exercise with starving themselves and maxing out their exercise.  Once more, this is not only counterproductive, but dangerous and not recommended for maximum Goatiness.  See our diet blog post for great recipes, and diet tips.

Below you will find the framework for a daily workout over two weeks that will set the foundation of training for your ultimate goal.  Our program will seek to strengthen your core, lower body, and cardiovascular fitness, and generally work every muscle group without inducing fatigue.  This program assumes that you are person in average physical condition (not significantly overweight or injured, do not have health problems, or have participated in a workout program recently).  Please consult a physician before starting any workout program, and do not continue and exercise if you begin to feel pain or prolonged faintness.

*Abdominal Program:  10 situps, 10 crunches, 10 leg lifts, 20 bicycles

Week 1:

Day 1:  1 min. jumprope, 5 pull-ups, 15 pushups, 1x abdominal program*, 10 minute run at a casual pace (1 min. run, 1 min, walk, repeat)

Day 2:  1 min. jumprope, 1x abdominal program, 20 calf raises, 20 squats (no weights), 30 sec. plank 10 minute run (1 min. run, 1 min, walk, repeat)

Day 3:  1 min. jumprope, Swim 200m freestyle (50m, rest for 1 min) OR Bike for 30 mins straight on gentle topography at a casual pace

Day 4: 1 min. jumprope, 5 pull-ups, 20 pushups, 1x abdominal, 10 minute run (1 min. run, 1 min, walk, repeat for 10 mins)


Day 5:  1 min. jumprope, 10 lateral shuffles….


10 burpees….


10 lunges….

……30 sec. plank, 5 minute run (1.5 min run, 1 min walk, repeat)

Day 6:  1 min. jumprope, 1x abdominal….


20 calf raises….


20 squats (no weights)…..

…..Swim 200m freestyle (50m, rest for 1 min) OR Bike for 30 mins straight on gentle topography at a casual pace

Day 7:  The Goat’s 20 min. Yoga (Check it out on Blue MarbleTV)

In week 2, we will take what we accomplished in week 1 and bring it up another notch.  Important in week two is staying focused and pushing through the “week 2 blues”.  This is when many workout plans lose their momentum, as people start to lose their week 1 fire and start to let other things get in the way.  This is part of the reason to start slow and let it grow, rather than coming out guns blazing in week 1; so that when week two rolls around, you will want more, and not be willing to skip a day.  Keep at it Goats!

Week 2:

Day 1: 1 min. jumprope, 2x (5 pull-ups, 15 pushups, 1x abdominal program*), 10 minute run (2 min run, 1 min walk, repeat)

Day 2: 1 min. jumprope, 2x (1x abdominal program, 20 calf raises, 20 squats (no weights), 1 min. plank, 10 minute run (2 min run, 1 min walk, repeat)

Day 3: 1 min. jumprope, Swim 300m freestyle (50m, rest for 1 min) OR Bike for 45 mins. straight on gentle topography at a casual pace

Day 4: 1 min. jumprope, 2x (5 pull-ups, 15 pushups, 1x abdominal), 10 minute run (2 min run, 1 min walk, repeat)

Day 5:  1 min. jumprope, 15 lateral shuffles, 15 burpees, 15 knee-ups, 1 min. plank, 7 minute run, (1.5 min run, 1 min walk, repeat)

Day 6: 1 min. jumprope, 2x (1x abdominal, 20 calf raises, 20 squats (no weights)), Swim 200m freestyle (50m, rest for 1 min) OR Bike for 30 mins straight on gentle topography at a casual pace

Day 7 : The Goat’s 20 min. Yoga (Check it out on Blue MarbleTV)

So there it is my friends; two weeks for the rest of your life.  With this foundation, which was relatively easily achieved, you can now start really training for your goal.  With a positive mental attitude, some intestinal fortitude, and flowing endorphins, you will be on top of that mountain in no time.  See you There!

Stay tuned as we lay out training regimens for backpacking/dayhiking, canyoneering/climbing/scrambling, as well as Grand Canyon/Plateau Country Backpacking, and Mountain Backpacking

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