If you’re not familiar with Canyons and Chefs and what we do, finding the answer to this might have you scratching your head. Our exploration and glamping trips combine the beauty of the natural outdoor scenery with the comfort of good home cooking on the road, out under the open sky.

If you’ve never combined these two things, you should try it and see how it works. It’s a unique kind of experience that has many of our guests coming back as often as they are able.

The Joy of Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor cooking is a lot of fun, and the food often tastes better when you’re sitting outside.

For example, take the humble onion. When you’re chopping it in your kitchen, it’s kind of unappealing, until you get it onto the heat. In the outdoors, you get less of that onion-y smell in your nose, and by heating it the right way over an open flame, you get a nicely caramelized result, with all the sweetness and flavor that you crave.

Gem Hunting And More

After you fill your belly, you can explore some of the ancient infrastructure of our natural environments around Death Valley’s beautiful canyons and desert plateaus. These are just part of what you experience as you run around in this Utah area. You can also go hunting for gems!

Although it’s fun, rock hunting isn’t the only thing you can do outside, not by a long shot.

It’s really fun to hike some of these gorges and experience the majestic views that you get out in the fresh air.

One of the things that we think about when we put these trips together is finding an itinerary that works with our cooking schedule. By taking the extra time to get the details right, we really improve the experience for our guests, and that’s part of what distinguishes us from any other similar tour groups, not that there are many of them around.

The more you learn to understand the natural vistas and ecosystems of the area, the more value you’ll get out of one of these interesting trips around the wilds of Utah. And of course, you’ll do all of this with the assistance of professional chefs who know how to whip up a good spread – just take a look at what we did for Thanksgiving this past fall to get an idea of the kind of cuisine you can expect.

Bring your camera and comfortable shoes and tour outdoor Utah in style!