Mind-bending rock features


Sweeping high plateau views


Ruins, Petroglyphs


Landscape Photographer's paradise


Cliffs, Mesas, buttes, towers, hoodoos


Wilderness Basecamp



2+ night minimum


Custom, variable


$2000/guest + $350/guest/day porter fee

Backpacking, elevated….

The Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness is a playground for the adventure geologist, and the Vermillion Cliffs Loop Backpacking tour celebrates it all.  Home to some of the most spectacular, varied, and photographed places in the southwest, this loop of the Vermillion Cliffs’ greatest features is not to be missed.  Starting in the northern part of the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, we will visit Water Pockets with sweeping views to the famous Wave and Grand Canyon in the distace, down to Coyote Buttes where we will see twisted and wild rock formations, into White Pockets, which many say is the ultimate photography spot in the American Southwest, and into the heart of Vermillion Cliffs.  From our deep wilderness basecamp, we will have the fabulous opportunity to hike and explore this outstanding wilderness, which houses some of the most fascinating and phenomenal geology, scenic vistas, and remote solitude in the American Southwest.



Hikers should have the ability to hike on and off marked trails, to scramble over obstacles and/or barriers with frequent changes in elevation for up to 14 miles per day, carrying medium sized packs of gear. All hikes are one-way, except in case of emergency, and are traveled at a steady walking pace with breaks.


A real back-packing trip, comfort is what you carry with you. There are no showers or electricity on the trail and restrooms are primitive. Backpackers can expect to sleep on a sleeping pad outdoors or in a small tent. Food consists of single-entrée meals, some food are freeze-dried or dehydrated with a few fresh food selections. Meals are prepared by your guide and served “group-style” out of pots and usually eaten out of personal meal-kits while sitting on the ground.


Hikers will visit the remote frontier. Guides will take you to the hard-to-reach and hard-to-find attractions that remain completely untouched by the crowds. Groups will see few, if any, other hikers through the trip. Overnighting is private and secluded.