Antelope Canyon:  The Most Famous Slot Canyon in the World

Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon are two of the most iconic, famous, and photogenic landmarks in Arizona.  Just north of the Grand Canyon lies Horseshoe Bend, a unique and beautiful landmark that foreshadows Grand Canyon.  To its east lies Antelope Canyon, a deep and narrow slot canyon whose sunset orange walls and its famous Corkscrew form potentially the finest photography opportunities in Arizona.  We will see Antelope Canyon at midday, when rays of light burst through, and Horseshoe Bend at sunset, when purples, oranges, reds, greens, and blues dance in unison.

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Antelope Canyon Hiking Information

Distance: Antelope Canyon has a few ways in and out, all of which entail less than a mile of hiking.  The standard route, down a ladder into middle portion of Antelope Canyon is less than 0.5 miles, and is mostly for photographs, not hiking.  This is the standard route, and the only one hikers are officially allowed to take as of this posting.
Difficulty:  Easy
Best Season to Hike: Year-round, summers can be very hot
Permits/Gear: Both guides and permits are absoutely required.  Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to enter Antelope Canyon without these things.  Please call our office for more information at 602-904-2536
What’s the Deal?:  Antelope Canyon is perhaps the most famous canyon on Earth, with the exception of Grand Canyon.  It has become, in modern parlance, “insta-famous”.  Due to this distinction, the fragile eco-system is at risk.  Please follow rules and regulations, and Antelope Canyon may still have a chance to be preserved for future generations.
Antelope Canyon is carved into the Navajo Sandstone, a jurassic sand sea that is thought to be the largest deposit of its kind on the face of the Earth.  The nature of the Navajo Sandstone is what allows Antelope Canyon its famous and photogenic features.  The wave-like striations, the crazily-bedded layers, and the red-orange color that catches sunrays all combine to create one of the most surreal photography experiences in the world.  
More Information:  Call our office at 602-904-2536 for information regarding guides and hiking

How to Get There:  From Flagstaff, drive north on HWY 89A across the Painted Desert to the town of Page, Arizona.  Meet your designated guide and group at whatever meeting place in Page, and you will be taken to Antelope Canyon.

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