Chef-Driven Outdoor Experiences

Luxury Basecamp and Five-Star Backpacking Expeditions

Geologic Immersion Backpacking

Join our professional geologist guides for a magic carpet ride through time itself

Chef-Driven Day Adventures

Explore and be wild by day, Experience Michelin Star-worthy dining by night

What do We do?

We are the meeting place between outdoor adventure and fine food and drink.  Canyons and Chefs is the integration of two seemingly different concepts: a private chef firm and a guided hiking outfitter.

Luxury Outdoor Experiences
Guided Geologic Immersion Expeditions
On and off-grid private chef services
Pop-up Culinary Experiences


We celebrate public lands, wilderness, geology, and hiking and pair that with a Michelin-starred restaurant.



What makes us Special?

There are many, many private chef and/or guided tour companies here in the American Southwest.  They all have something to offer, and all say they’re the best.  None of them do what we do.
We pair two worlds, doing what others simply cannot.  Chef-driven outdoor experiences is not just our concept, it is our calling. 
Simply put: fire, food and adventure have always been what humans crave, we’re just the company that’s making it cool again.
Book now and find out just how different we are

Explore Further, Be Wild, Eat Like Kings

We Are canyons and chefs


Grand Canyon

Wild Utah

WILD Arizona



Featured Trip


This erosional gem, located deep in the Vermillion Cliffs of Arizona, is a must for any aspiring geologic adventure hound.

Got a Permit to The Wave?

Let us take you there for the best experience possible!

WHy Canyons and Chefs?

Professional Chefs, Professional Food

The core concept of what we do is to bring together the two worlds of profesional restarants and natural exploration.  We acheive this through a farm-to-table concept for our menus, backed by a professional-kitchen on wheels that facilitates our cooking over the fire, in dutch ovens, and using smokers.

Expert Geologist/Guides

Our lead guides are geologists with at least a Bachelor of Science in geology from an accredited university. They are carefully chosen based upon their expertise in the area of your trip, and will ensure your every need is satisfied.

Outstanding Wilderness Comfort and Luxury

All of our experiences, be it a five-star glamping or backpacking excursion, comes equipped with all the style and comfort you can imagine.  Guests experiences will be steeped in the ability to explore the wilds of the west with access to all the amenities and gourmet cuisine worthy of a michelin-starred restaurant at an upscale resort

Luxury Outdoor Experiences

Think you’ve been camping?  Think again.  Get ready for a luxury experience deep in the heart of the Wild West 

Geologic Immersion Backpacking Expeditions

Strap on your pack and head deep into the remote and wild country, traveling through time itself

Chef-Driven Day Adventures

Hike and adventure by day, then be treated to a Michel Star-worthy dining experience in the evening

Private Chef Services

We specialize in small group, gourmet dining experiences in Sedona, Grand Canyon, and Flagstaff

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