Chef’s Table Culinary Events

The Ultimate outdoor culinary experience

  Sedona  Flagstaff  Glen Canyon  Sonoran Desert

Picture yourself on a cliff in a canyon.  Sprinkle in an outstanding meal prepared by acclaimed chefs, cuisine and libations inspired by local farms and the incredible landscape, and an unspoiled natural beauty to behold.  This is Chef’s Table, our celebration of nature and Earth’s scenic and culinary bounty.
what is chef’s table?

Chef’s Table is an extraordinary event bringing together incredible food, intensely beautiful natural surroundings, and celebrating local farms, artisans, culture, and history.  Guests are treated to a 7-course fine dining experience while surrounded by inspiring natural beauty.  Courses are paired with libations from local vineyards and breweries.  After dinner, our guests have the incredible option to partake in a self-guided sunset nature walk

Where are these events located?

Chef’s Table events pop-up in Sedona, near Flagstaff, overlooking Lake Powell, or somewhere in the Sonoran Desert of Phoenix or Tucson

How can i get in?

Contact Canyons and Chefs directly, or you may book right from our website

Chef’s Table, like all of our experiences, can be made fully private and are completely customizable
Microweddings, elopements, and small private parties are fabulous and very welcome

What is included?

Chef’s Table ticket price includes the multi-course meal and drink pairings, self-guided sunset stroll with custom “field trip guide”, shuttle to and from final location

What should I bring?

Appropriate clothing for the weather (call for details prior to event), alternative footwear appropriate for  light hiking, something personally special to you (can fit in pocket or small bag)

Joining an experience

To make a reservation, visit our Reservation Request page. Or call our office at +1(602) 904-2536, Monday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm AZ time.

Meeting Time & place

Each event has a general meeting time and place, which will be outlined for you upon your reservation.  Our shuttle will bring you to the final, specific location, and you will be returned to the general meeting place that evening

Why Canyons and Chefs?

We are the unique meeting place between adventure, wilderness culture, and fine food and drink.  We represent the blending of two naturally-related but seemingly-forgotten universes of nature and food.  We celebrate sustainability and conservation, we are stewards of public lands, we practive leave no trace ethics, and we donate 1% of our gross to environmental and conservation efforts.

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