Devils Bridge: Sedona’s Geologic Signature

Hiking to Devil’s Brige is a veritable rite-of-passage in Sedona.  It is one of the most spectacular and photogenic geologic features in all of Sedona.  Devils Bridge is water-carved, spanning over 100 feet from tip-to-tip, and provides epic views over the Red Rock-Secret Canyon Wilderness.  Though this hike is very popular, it will truly give each hiker a feeling of the true majesty that Sedona holds.
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Devil’s Bridge Hiking Information

Distance: 1.5 miles one way, more depending on where you park
Difficulty:  Easy-Moderate
Best Season to Hike: Fall to Spring, start early in the summer (very warm)
Permits/Gear: None Required for day hiking, but you must purchase a Red Rock Pass to park.  Passes can be purchased at kiosks near trailheads.  No special gear is required
What’s the Deal?:  Devil’s Bridge is one of the most well-known and popular trails in Sedona.  During the busy seasons, this trail can see hundreds of hikers per day.  The trail is very well-maintained and marked.  There is one portion that some may consider more challenging; a set of rock “stairs” that take you up the final approach to Devil’s Bridge.  Parking can be very limited, and it is possible that the parking situation can add 3-4 miles to the total hike.  
Devil’s Bridge is a natural bridge, differing from an arch in that water is totally responsible for the erosion.  An arch is formed primarily by frost-wedging and wind.
More Information:  Call our office at 602-904-2536 for information regarding guides and hiking

How to Get There:  From the “Y” in uptown Sedona, head south into the second “Y” staying on HWY 89A throughout the journey.  After 5 miles, turn right on Dry Creek Rd.  Drive 3 miles, and signs marking Vultee Arch and Devils Bridge will appear.  Look for County Road 152C, and turn right into the designated parking area.  On less-crowded days and with a 4WD vehicle, you may elect to continue on the dirt road all the way to the trailhead.  Be aware that high-clearance vehicle will be necessary.

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