Coronavirus – What Is Happening Now


Thank you for your interest in Canyons and Chefs

We want you to know that we have spent countless hours, days, and weeks collecting information and formulating a plan that keeps our employees, community and guests informed, safe and happy!


Effective July 7, face coverings are required in Arizona by order of the Governor. Click here to read the Governor’s Order

See the Arizona Coronavirus Page for complete details.

What this means for Canyons and Chefs

We are open and operating our single and multi-day chef-driven experiences, geologic immersion backpacking, and our private chef services

In order to comply with CDC, state, and local guidelines, our services may look a bit different as we begin to operate for the 2020 season.

What this means for your event

We are trying to keep you, our guests, outside and mask-free to the greatest extent possible.
Having final payments made and online waivers signed will eliminate the use of our office and the need to wear masks
We ask you for your understanding and cooperation in helping us meet the state guidelines that allow us to operate!

Masks or face coverings are required in our office and while riding in our shuttles!

All Events – General Guidelines

*Each participant MUST bring a face mask/face covering.
*Waivers and final payments MUST BE complete prior to arrival.
*We will seek to minimize the use of our office and facilities as much as possible.
*We will ask everyone to observe mandated social-distancing rules.
*Only when social distancing cannot be maintained, face masks/coverings will be worn.
*Check-in and departure will take place outside our office to the extent possible.

Single and Multi-Day Chef-Driven Experiences

*Launches will be limited to group size prescribed by the State of Arizona and local guidelines.
*Shuttles will be private and allocated on a per-reservation basis.
*Canyons and Chefs will continue to serve food.  Staff will wear masks, gloves, and follow all sanitization protocols.
*Water jugs will be used/touched by Canyons and Chefs employees only.
*While hiking, masks are not required.

Geologic Immersion Backpacking

*Backpacking will be guided on a private, per-reservation basis.
*When practical, guests may use their own vehicle for transportation to the venue.
*Anytime social distance can be maintained, masks are not required.
(i.e. while hiking, approaching and when more than 6 feet from your guide)

Private Chef Services

*Group size may not exceed State of Arizona guidelines
*Dining Experiences are private
*Guests may use discretion with masks during private dining experiences

By arriving and participating, you are attesting to each of the following guidelines listed below.

I affirm that, within the last 14 days, I have not:

  • Had a new fever of 100.4 or higher, or a sense of having a fever.
  • Developed a new cough that cannot be attributed to another health condition.
  • Developed shortness of breath that cannot be attributed to another health condition.
  • Developed a new sore throat that cannot be attributed to another health condition.
  • Experienced muscle aches that cannot be attributed to another health condition, or that may not have been caused by a specific activity such as physical exercise.
  • Traveled within an area identified as a COVID-19 “hot-spot.”
  • Been in contact with an individual who has been ill with respiratory complaints or fever, or who I know has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Been diagnosed with COVID-19.

If within the last 30 days, I have tested positive for COVID-19, I agree to disclose to Red River Adventures the date on which I was notified that I was no longer contagious with COVID-19.

If within the last 30 days, I have tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies, I agree to disclose that fact to Canyons and Chefs

Arizona Reopening – At a Glance

  • Grand Canyon National Park – Open, Desert View entrance closed
  • City of Flagstaff – Face covering required in all public places
  • City of Sedona – Face coverings required in all public places
  • Trails (OHV/Hiking/Biking) on Public Land (BLM) – Open
  • Developed Campgrounds on Public Land (BLM) – Open
  • Dispersed Camping on Public Land (BLM) – Open
  • Commercial Campgrounds & RV Parks – Open
  • Overnight Accommodations (Hotels/Motels/B&B’s/Condos/Guest Homes) – Open, face coverings may be required
  • Restaurants – Open, face coverings required, call for dining information
  • Equipment Rentals – Open, face coverings required
  • Vehicle Rentals – Open, face coverings required
  • Shops & Galleries – Open, face coverings required

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