Have you ever heard of a crafted picnic? If not, you owe it to yourself to spend some time on our website looking at the services that we offer, and the philosophy behind the glamping experience.

If you never like the out-of-doors, you will be surprised by how luxurious and great the experience is with this type of specialized outing. If you’re not used to a white glove level of service, you’ll be surprised by all of the great amenities that add up to a relaxing, memorable time spent in nature. You may just find, contrary to what you may have thought, camping can be refined and sophisticated!

Here are some of the astounding extras that we’ve come up with for custom picnic programs. We think this program works to introduce a very new side of nature to those who associate the outdoors with “roughing it.”

Personal Chef

The lodestar of our picnic program is a customized menu prepared by a professional chef, out in the glory of the natural environment. Our people are experts at this, at changing the logistics of refined culinary work to be practiced out under the nourishing sun, amid the greenery that sustains us as humans.

That’s the general objective here at Canyons and Chefs, to create that blended experience that gives you the comforts of home in the magnificence of the outdoors.

You can take a look at the sample experience to see what a menu looks like. We put together truly inspired plates and dishes, all in the majesty of a natural setting.

Live Musician

Live music? This is a big part of the ambience for our crafted picnics. For more details: ask about what kinds of live music you can have at your disposal as you dine in style!


Beautiful floral centerpieces add to the visual appeal of this outing. Again, you can ask about the specific packages that we offer for a custom picnic. More details are also available online, for you to look at as you plan the big event.

Three Courses

Our culinary picnic option involves three courses and a delicious dessert! In and around “Flag” or the greater southwest, take a look at our network and ponder the opportunity to let us take you on a guided trip the likes of which you have never seen! Ask us any questions about the experience, as we brainstorm new adventures for our guests and panoramic vistas to explore.