One of the exciting things we’re doing here at Canyons and Chefs involves offering our visitors chef’s table dining experiences. 

 The idea is simple yet sophisticated – think about enjoying a full seven-course meal in the glory of the outdoors, surrounded by the natural beauty of   some of the best panoramic landscapes AZ (or surrounding states) offer. 

 The chef’s table experience brings this thrill to you and your group as you enjoy high culinary delight amidst the scenic beauty of the Southwest.

 After dining alfresco on some interesting high cuisine, guests will take a self-guided sunset walking tour of the surrounding area. Or rather, they have this   option in a paired itinerary that is popular with many of our groups. 


 Our Locations

 We plan these experiences around Arizona cities, including Sedona, Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Tucson, focusing on the Lake Powell area. We have intimate   experience with these areas, and we use that planning knowledge to optimize our guests’ experiences.


 ‘Elopements’ and Mini Parties

 There is a reason why we mention ‘elopements’ and small wedding groups on our website.

 We’ve seen that many people looking for this kind of service want a small, intimate setting for a small group of people. It makes sense because the     logistics of serving large crowds this way will be complicated and expensive.

 But elopement is just one way to characterize what happens when you pare down a big group into a smaller number of people. The same is true for other   events, such as planning parties or graduation meals.

 That’s a little bit about our chef’s table, but you can get an in-depth idea of what we do by looking at the rest of the website. You can also reach out to us   and ask us about how to customize these experiences for your group. Every group has its own needs and preferences, and we’re very much attuned to   that as we work with customers to make their dining experience the best it can be!

 We think that when you get the experience out here, you’ll see the beauty of nature and our local scenery’s grandeur the way we do. It’s part of what   inspired us to put together this kind of experience!

 After all, we think the glory of culinary work goes well with the scenic wonder of the outdoors. It’s also a refreshing change from eating inside a restaurant!

 Check out these and other opportunities we feature as a business pushing the envelope on experience-based services. We are here to help you plan the    best event you can and ensure that your group’s needs are completely provided for. Let’s talk!