Think about trekking to some remote canyon or mountain area, and enjoying a professional culinary experience amid the rocks.

That’s the type of opportunity that we offer at Canyons and Chefs. As an outdoor company, we guide our guests on awe-inspiring tours of some of the area’s best natural landscapes. As a company founded by chefs, we offer these adventurers high cuisine in the outdoors, with a backcountry kitchen well-equipped for turning high-quality food far from the electrical grid or the shelter of a conventional kitchen.

An Excellent Primal Experience

When you think about it, enjoying food in the wilderness is the way that we have lived for millions and millions of years.

In the modern era, you can think about all of those cowboys and cattle movers and other couriers who routinely camped out, cooking over a fire: how did they do it?

The answer shows you how appealing it is for people to outdoors and enjoy well-cooked meals far away from the bells and whistles of human civilization – out in the open, under the sun, moon and stars!

Refining Outdoor Cooking

As we brainstormed how to set up this trail-blazing business, we invested in specific equipment that gives our portable backwoods kitchen the ability to really shine. Whether it’s using a double oven for roasting or searing over a campfire grill, our experience and investment in tools allow us to really bring a new level of flavor to the campfire side.

In a way, it’s exciting to deal with the limitations and challenges of cooking on the open road. When you don’t have a lot of the comfort of city living to fall back on, you rely on your own ingenuity and expertise. Turning out excellent tastes and textures in the wild is a challenge we’re proud to embrace.

Merging Two Great Companies

How did this get started?

When Red Rock Culinary met Blue Marble Adventure GeoTours, a new kind of company was born.

Previously, the chef business was responsible for elevating food for diverse audiences, while Blue Marble’s outdoor tracking service focused on introducing guests to natural wonders. We took these two businesses and threw them together, and the wonderful result is a new kind of company that you rarely find anywhere. Check out the web site for more on how we delight guests, and ask us any questions about logistics or anything else! There’s nothing else like this around, so if you’re coming by here, be sure to look us up!