Geologic Immersion Backpacking:  Hermit Loop Grand Canyon

Geologic Immersion Backpacking: Hermit Loop Grand Canyon

Hike a classic route in Grand Canyon with all the scenery, adventure, geology, and none of the crowds

The Hermit Loop Backpacking tour, consisting of a lariat around The Hermit Trail to the Boucher Trail, is an epic trip for beginning Grand Canyoners.  The Grand Canyon will greet you in all its glory throughout this trip, with unique geologic features such as natural springs, outcrops of travertine, dramatic views of the Inner Gorge, and tremendous solitude with the feeling that you have the whole canyon to yourself.  Lewis Boucher, “the Hermit of the Grand Canyon”, famously carved these two trails as part of his homestead and mining claims.  The Santa Fe Railroad came through and made improvements to the Hermit Trail portion as a way to shuttle tourists into the Canyon, however, not much has changed on the Boucher Trail side, as it is as rugged and remote a trail as one will find on the South Rim.  Adventurous canyoneers will absolutely love this trail, and beginning canyoneers will utterly appreciate the scenery, solitude, and epic granduer that is offered on this adventure.