Let’s talk about what’s going on right now at Canyons and Chefs.


As the fall season comes on, we are busy designing and executing complex menus for on-site events around the Flagstaff area and beyond. 


The private chef service gives you that top class culinary experience and catered result that you want for a high-class gathering. That’s something we’re excited about – and many of our clients are, too. 


Types of Events


Canyons and Chefs has been on the ground recently at wedding rehearsals, and receptions, as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties. We’ve been noted at bar and bat mitzvahs, and catered dinner parties for the very successful jetsetters living in or visiting Flag or surrounding areas. 


Through it all, guests have been amazed by our multi-course offerings that feature ingredients carefully chosen for their sustainability, for their taste, and, of course – for their quality! The creative plating elevates everything another few notches – it’s something you have to taste to believe. 


Family-Style or Plated Options


The family-style private chef option is a 4-5 course meal with a price tag starting at $125 per guest. A plated five course meal starts at $200 per guest, and there’s also the option to select a plated service with craft cocktails and wine pairings.


Look for more by contacting Canyons and Chefs and requesting a reservation for your group on the particular day of your event.


New Gourmet Ice Cream


While you’re on the website check out our line of gourmet ice cream that represents different landmarks and terrain around the Flagstaff area with unique natural ingredients.


Try the Sedona Red Rocks, with its cherry blend or the cactus lavender and almond combination of the Death Valley Oasis! Our Colorado Sun flavor blends peaches and sweet cream vanilla custard with a small batch bourbon caramel for a taste experience you will not forget…


So whether it’s a full private chef service, or a sweet reminder of what gourmet food can be like, we’re there. 


In prior blog posts, you’ll see a lot about our glamorous camping adventure experiences. We’re now building on that with a lot of new services and expanding our presence in the Flagstaff AZ area. We’re getting well-known in local food magazines and other places where people need to discuss high cuisine. Our ice cream line is one example of innovations that are going to make us more of a household name in the gourmet community.


So be sure to read up on everything that we’ve been doing, and what we want to do in the future. We’re here to provide top tier service to clientele around Arizona, Colorado, etc., and we’re here to stay. It’s all part of our passion for food and adventure that keeps us going, offering more to local clients.