You’re going to see the word on our website. Elopement.

For some people, it sort of triggers a negative connotation. Why would we market ourselves that way as an excellent culinary camping tour provider?

The answer has to do with the modern wedding and how it’s conducted. It also has to do with imagining our unique trip model as a part of your new life together.

Different Wedding Scenarios

Every wedding is uniquely different, and as the bride and groom, it’s your time to decide how to proceed.

Even in older times, the quick wedding or justice of the peace situation was somewhat common. There is also the chapel in Las Vegas.

Basically, not everybody wants to have an enormous traditional wedding in their place of residence. Some people just want to get it done with, or make their wedding into a different kind of experience. That’s what we’re saying with the word ‘elopement’. It doesn’t mean that you hid from everybody and got a shotgun wedding done in secret. It just means that you doing things a bit differently, which a lot of people are choosing to do now!

New Wedding Styles

Again, the traditional wedding is a massive affair with families coming together in droves. There are a lot of people to feed and accommodate. There’s a lot of cost, and a lot of things need to come together well for the event to be a complete success. It’s stressful for some, and financially challenging for others. Sometimes, it’s both.

COVID also changed the wedding experience quite a bit. All of a sudden, fewer people were having the big get-togethers, partly because people weren’t allowed to join up in crowds maskless. Now, we’re getting over that, but some people still want those easy, small wedding experiences. Avoiding crowds is just something that some of us have gotten used to.

Honeymoons, Etc.

Even if you did have a great big awesome wedding, you can choose Canyons and Chefs for a honeymoon experience for just the two of you.

Why do so many people choose this kind of package?

The answer is in the crackling campfire, the awe-inspiring pinks and purples of a regional sunset, and the delicious wafting of cooking smells from an outdoor camp location.

By combining the outdoors and a love of food, we’ve created really unique experiences for getaways that you won’t ever forget. Check out the web site to dream and imagine what your own glamping trip can be like. We guarantee it will be memorable!