As summer comes close to an end, you may be looking to take one more vacation before the colder weather starts. How does camping with all the luxury of home sound? If you are wanting to get away from it all, without getting away from it all completely, glamping may be just the thing for you. Glamourous camping, most popularly known as glamping, involves traditional camping with all the comforts of home.  Here are a few other benefits of glamping to keep in mind:

       1. You take home with you

Glamping means you are camping without the challenges of regular camping. It means no more sleeping in a tent that has no room. No more sleeping on the ground. No more awkward bathroom trips. With glamping, you can camp in a real bed so you can get a good night’s sleep. You also get way more space with all the everyday conveniences (such as outlets) on hand. 

       2. Beautiful locations

If you have resisted the idea of camping because you prefer the luxury of a hotel, you may love the idea of glamping. Why? You get to experience the outdoors in a way that a hotel can never give you. You will be steps from a private beach or mountain range overlooking a scenic view. You will be immersed in nature in a way you would never get with a hotel. 

       3. You won’t break the bank

Although it sounds like it can be more expensive, glamping is much less costly than staying at a resort or hotel. There are way more overhead costs with a resort, but with glamping, you are more likely to support the local community. Also, with glamping, you will want to stay longer. Thanks to the comforts of home, you won’t have to worry about undercooked food, cold showers, and smelly bathrooms. 

       4. You reduce your ecological footprint

Glamping gives you a new appreciation for nature. Large resorts are difficult to build and often destroy surrounding land in their construction phase. When it comes to glamping, it can happen anywhere. It also has minimal constructions and requires fewer resources. It leaves a smaller footprint because the cabins, tents, yurts, and huts don’t have as much assembly. 

5.  You take something great, and make it even better

The outdoors are great, camping is a fantastic activity.  But sometimes, you just want to chill, and real camping can be quite a lot of work, especially if you don’t have it down to a science.

What better way to vacation this summer than by glamping in the outdoors. You get to immerse yourself in the nature around you without having to rough it. Contact Canyons and Chefs for our chef-driven luxury expeditions.