The most pertinent question one may find themselves asking when reading this blog is “who exactly is The Goat”?  Is he an actual goat?  A mascot of some sort?  Some ridiculous nonsense dreamed up by somebody who thinks they are clever?  A metaphor perhaps?  The answer is yes; yes, my friends.  The Goat is all of these things, except for a real goat I suppose.


The Goat is truly a metaphor.  He is adventure, he is the unknown, he is the calling into the mountains, the deserts, the wilderness, the world.  He is the small voice in your head that tells you to get off the couch and do something wild, something free, something you have never done before.  The Goat implores you to push your boundaries and to expand your horizons.  He is, in all reality, your sense of wonder and true adventurous nature.


His blog, The Call of The Goat, will represent all things adventure, geology, travel, food, unbridled nature, and the call of the wild itself, which is in and of itself the true Call of The Goat: to be wild, free, unencumbered by the daily grind and seeking only to learn, teach, feel and be in the wild.  He is an animal of the world, and transcends the world through science, adventure, knowledge, and general goatiness.


Be one with The Goat as he travels, thinks, lives, ponders, informs, and jumps around on rocks; you will live as he lives, does as he does, and goat as he goats.  Here is how you can get your goat…….


  1.  Read this blog and like it (both mentally and physically with on social media).The Blue Marble Adventure GeoTourism Blog is dedicated simply to various topics on geology adventure travel, trail guides, answering questions about various destinations, and delves into the sights and sounds of his beloved American Desert.


  1.  Listen to his Podcast: The Call of The Goat RockTalks as he discusses with guests and people of interest various topics on geology, travel, gear reviews, destination countdown lists, and all things outdoors.  You may upload from this blog.


  1.  Visit his personal blog, also known as The Call of The Goat. In his personal blog, The Goat waxes poetic on various issues including, of course, geology and science, climate change, public lands, the geologic history of our beloved American Southwest, and other topics of interest. The blog also includes popular (and unpopular) book reviews, helpful hints to overcome various geologic challenges faced by the student of geology, and personal musings on adventuring in the American Desert.


If that still does not answer your questions on “who is the goat?”, well then, my friends, perhaps you should find the goat within yourself.